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45# Rebar Coupler,

Jun 10, 2017

Rebar mechanical splice connector is supplied to rebar mechanical splicing in reinforced concrete structure, and is designed to connect threaded rebar with diameter from 16mm to 40mm.

1) Industry Standard: JGJ 107-2010 
2) Certificate: ISO 9001 
3) Raw material: 45#  high quality carbon steel
4) Thread Type: Thread Rolling 
5) Type: Standard type, Left handed and right handed type, Reducing type 
6) High work efficiency, no pollution, no flame, weatherproof. 
7) Quick and convenient operation to shorten construction period and lower cost.
8) High tensile strength, it could reach 600 to 700Mpa, uitable for different kinds of large-scale project 
9) Our rebar couplers can satisfy different countries' standards.
10) Strict quality control. self-inspection, exchange inspection, sample inspection, 100% inspection etc.