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Characteristics of reinforcement straight thread rolling machine

Nov 19, 2016

1, It can be made in reinforced steel bar Shucking off rib and then rolling, thread pitch accuracy is very high, and size consistency is very good;

2, Compact structure, simple operation, thread processing speed significantly faster than other devices;

3, We rib arrangement is known as a "fool", which is easy to learn and easy to understand, rib-very good dimensional stability;

4, As long as a steel fitting thread of the process can be completed, and for processing efficiency is very high;

5, Its strong auto, you can automatically up knives, automatic return, the noise is low and the device;

6, The quality is stable and reliable, higher joint strength than normal base metal;

7, Its broad range of types of steel processing, consuming less equipment.

8, This is the most important point is that the long service life of the rollers, for joint use surcharge is rarely;