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Lenton Standard Rebar Coupler

Feb 09, 2017

Our company has strong technical force, complete processing equipment, complete testing means, the company's products are optimized through microcomputer design, to achieve domestic advanced technology. The main production building reinforced 14 series of more than and 50 varieties of connected devices and reinforced mechanical connection casing, JBG-40 type steel straight thread for you (stripping rib rolling machine) and various steel casing connection and other quality products, while providing various forms of steel connection technology and service field; and the production and steel bar connection technology supporting rolling wheels, cutting tools, steel wire head special gauge, torque wrench and other construction tools. My company's unique "one-stop product" production mode for the company's product quality stability, for your project quality and efficiency, and laid a good foundation. My company and the Chinese Academy of Building Research Special Engineering Department for the construction industry, steel machinery and equipment to provide technical advice and technical services. The company reinforced taper thread threading machine and connecting sleeve, was listed as the focus of scientific and technological achievements to promote the project construction, reinforced straight thread rolling machine (rib) and the connecting sleeve, was named the 2005 national new products, the comprehensive performance of reinforced straight thread joint have been detected through Chinese Building Research Institute of the State Construction Engineering Quality Test center.