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On reinforcement of upsetting machine action

Nov 19, 2016

Operating points;

(1) Flat steel cutting requirements end, there shall be no capsules. Available wheelsaws, band saws or cutting machine cutting.

(2) Oil pressure when rolling under upsetting machine models, high and low strength of reinforcing bar on site, roll to determine.

(3) Rolling personnel should be relatively fixed, trained and certified. Silk quality ofpersonnel shall be visually inspected individually rolled and 10% sampling head, using gauges to check shall not be less than the rules a bit. Roll should always addcutting lubricant that should not be set without the lubricant and silk.

(4) Processing of steel wire gauges for checking the diameter of the head and length to ensure accuracy.

(5) Dowels at the scene, should enable the two reinforced each other tight sleeve,centered and keep the sleeve ends exposed threads of not more than one full thread.