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Steel connection sleeve using the basic performance is what

Nov 19, 2016

Steel connection sleeve construction industry with sites dominate the characteristics and cannot be moved, production of single pieces of construction products, activities, regional, long and productive way of diversity, unbalanced, and external beam Ernie cramped and so on. Construct the dispersed nature of the industry itself:p needed more than across the three markets, switching to different projects in ashort time range; often is away from the instruction Center in a foreign operationactivities; with complex logistics. Steel connection sleeve features: using at home and 45th steel, special construction technology, high precision, reliable character. Connection of ф 16-ф 40mm HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed. By the State constructionengineering quality supervision and inspection center detection, to consult the I-level standard in JGJ107-2003. Standard, positive and negative threaded type, reducing three major series, 52, to the satisfaction of building structure in the horizontal,vertical, oblique and other parts of the same diameter, different-diameter dowelsand adjustable length and direction necessary.

Steel connection sleeve features: applies to serve as tensile and compressive power of bi-directional transmission of various kinds of construction of structures in reinforced concrete structure steel bar connection. Materials, energy-saving, withoutthe limitation of steel components and types. All about connections. May be madein advance, factory jobs, does not take the duration, all-weather construction.