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The use of torque wrench method

Nov 19, 2016

Torque Wrenches can be tight at the beginning and end, and its use is regulated,and fastening bolts.

Electric drive torque wrench features:easy to use, saves time and effort, adjustable torque.

A. in the use of torque wrench, first according to the measure's requirements, selecting medium-range torque wrench, torque value is not less than the torque measured by using 20% of range, range should not be too much for smaller torsion part of reinforcement, small range of torque may not overrange;

B. when using a torque wrench, wrench first dowel plug in the accessories (such asSockets, mouth), ensure that the connection is not a problem. Before the reinforcement torque, set the required reinforcement of the force, and lock the locking device, adjust the conversion button to the AB direction and then quickly when used incontinuous operation 5-6, Special lubricant on the inside of the wrench can fully lubricated, so that more accurate Torque Wrenches, lasting use.

C. when hand to grasp the hand of the valid range, along the direction perpendicular to the shell of torque wrenches, slowly loading, until you hear the torque wrench was given a "TA" sound, torque wrench preset torque value has been reached at this time, has been finished strength of the workpiece, then should be lifted in timeforce, so as to avoid damage to other parts. In the process of applying force, according to the national standard instrument practice, about its verticality deviation should not exceed 10 degrees. Its upper and lower deviation should not exceed 3degrees in the horizontal direction, in the operator should ensure that the scope of their force above and below shall not exceed 15 degrees;

D. in order not to enable the measurement of horizontal and vertical deviations in the direction of impact, when measured in Afterburner control stable exerted a vertical downward force on the side, and then manually add such precision use value.