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Use of reinforcement straight thread rolling machine

Nov 19, 2016

Thread silk head pass check ring rules, and length rules, roll silk machine is with cutting and roll rolling thread once forming to noise to steel end head strengthened and thread processing of purpose, solution has steel in processing Qian steel end head for pretreatment of problem, and similar of equipment needed more times rolling into of problem, such site reduced has process processing and times steel handling, improve has site production processing efficiency; roll silk machine using a roll silk head can achieved on variety specifications steel for roll rolling processing, Solved the device ends processing of reinforcement straight thread need specifications thread rolling head's situation. Rolling machine using internal coolant, chip is a problem solved the rolling process, high intensity of automation, automaticstop when feed shut down automatically reset.

Reinforced steel bar Shucking off rib thread rolling machine is a special equipmentfor processing of reinforcement straight thread yarn through rib knife Peel the reinforced end circle, then with three hollow rollers of reinforced rolling straight thread, so as to achieve the quality requirements of rebar straight thread forming. Bringing the rebar straight thread connector to JGJI07-2003 bar mechanical connection of the General requirements of the technical specification for class a connectionstandard. Rolling machine to add GB1499-1998 in the hot rolled ribbed steel for reinforced concrete nine kinds of specifications of φ 16-40mm steel