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Coupler Pressing Machine Simple Maintenance Process

Oct 26, 2017

The assembly of the Coupler Pressing Machine on the shaft is one of the keys to the Coupler Pressing Machine installation. Coupler Pressing Machine with the shaft with the majority of the interference fit, the connection is divided into key and keyless connection, the Coupler Pressing Machine shaft hole is divided into cylindrical shaft has also been with the cone-shaped shaft hole in two forms. Assembly methods are static pressure method, power press method, temperature assembly method and hydraulic assembly method.

Static pressure method: This method is based on the size of the required press force when assembling, the use of clamps, jacks, manual or mobile presses, static pressure method is generally used for tapered shaft hole. As the static press method by the pressure of mechanical restrictions, in the larger interference, the application of a lot of force more difficult. At the same time, in the process of pressing will be cut between the Coupler Pressing Machine and the axis of the uneven surface of the uneven crest, so that the mating surface is damaged. Therefore, this method is generally not much application.

Power press method: This method refers to the use of impact tools or machinery to complete the assembly process, generally used for Coupler Pressing Machine between the shaft and the shaft is a combination of transition or interference is not the occasion. The assembly site is usually beaten by hand hammer method, the method is in the wheel's end into the wood or other soft material for the buffer, relying on the impact of hand hammer, the Coupler Pressing Machine into the Coupler Pressing Machine. This method of cast iron, quenched steel, cast alloys and other brittle materials made of the Coupler Pressing Machine of the risk of local damage, should not be used. This method will also damage the surface with the assembly, it is often used for low-speed and small Coupler Pressing Machine assembly.

Coupler Pressing Machine assembly, in the mechanical maintenance is a relatively simple maintenance process. In the Coupler Pressing Machine assembly key to master the hub of the assembly on the shaft, the Coupler Pressing Machine of the two-axis alignment, the parts of the inspection and assembly requirements according to the drawings and other links.

After the hub of the Coupler Pressing Machine is assembled on the shaft, the vertical and concentricity of the hub and the shaft should be carefully checked. Usually in the hub of the end and the outer circle set up two dial indicator, turning the wheel when the axis of rotation, observe the hub of the whole beating (including the end of beating and radial run) values, determine the wheel and the vertical axis and coaxial The situation of the situation. Different speed Coupler Pressing Machine of the requirements of the whole beating different, different types of Coupler Pressing Machine on the requirements of the whole beating is also different, but the wheel assembly on the axis after the hub must be the total beating deviation of the value of Design requirements within the tolerance range, which is one of the main quality requirements of the Coupler Pressing Machine assembly.

There are many reasons why the full beating of the hub does not meet the requirements. First, it may occur at the time of manufacture due to the error caused by the machining. For the field assembly, the concentricity of the hub and the shaft occurs mainly due to the improper handling of the inner surface of the hub deviation. Another reason is that there is a key Coupler Pressing Machine in the assembly, due to improper assembly of the key caused by the hub and shaft different axis. The correct installation of the key should be the key side of the key and the keyway wall close fit, usually in the assembly with color inspection, with a bad time can be used to repair the file or blade to meet the requirements. Key upper part of the general gap, about 0.1-0.2mm or so. High-speed rotating machinery for the hub and the axis of the coaxial degree of high demand, with a single bond can not get high coaxial, with double bond or spline connection can make the coaxial degree of both improved.

Coupler Pressing Machines installed before the first parts clean, clean the parts, need to dip in the above wash the oil dry. In a short time to prepare the operation of the Coupler Pressing Machine, dry after the parts can be coated with some turbine oil or oil to prevent rust. For the need for a long time to use the Coupler Pressing Machine, should be coated with anti-rust oil maintenance.

Coupler Pressing Machine structure of a lot of specific requirements of the assembly, the method is not the same, for the installation, the general principle is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the assembly drawings, The For the application of high-speed rotating machinery on the Coupler Pressing Machine, generally in the factory have done a dynamic balance test, dynamic balance test qualified after drawing the components of the matching between the mark. It is important to assemble at the time of assembly by the manufacturer's mark. If you do not press any of the markings, it is likely that the vibration of the unit is caused by the poor dynamic balance of the Coupler Pressing Machine.