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Coupler Pressing Machine With A Buffer, Shock Absorption, Wear

Sep 27, 2017

Star elastic Coupler Pressing Machine polyurethane plastic for the elastic components, with a buffer, shock absorption, wear, easy disassembly, etc., operating temperature -35 ~ +80 degrees. Can be interchangeable with the West Germany ROTEX Coupler Pressing Machine. The polyurethane elastomer is limited by the convex claw block to avoid external deformation due to the internal deformation and centrifugal force generated by the impact. The concave surface of the pawl makes the surface pressure on the involute tooth very small and the teeth are overloaded , Teeth still do not wear or deformation.

Drum-shaped gear Coupler Pressing Machine as a transmission of the drum-shaped tooth Coupler Pressing Machine, is developed by the ordinary straight Coupler Pressing Machine Coupler Pressing Machine evolved, drum-shaped tooth Coupler Pressing Machine in many foreign advanced industrial countries have been all Standard and series of products, by the two drum-shaped outer gear and a pair of straight teeth gear ring gear and other components.

The internal and external teeth of the transmission torque, and through the drum-shaped outer gear teeth of the ring gear ring (called angular displacement) to compensate for the relative displacement of the two drive axes. The greater the drum length, the greater the angular displacement, up to 6 °, the general use of recommended 1 ° ~ 1.5 °, while the old gear Coupler Pressing Machine only 0.5 °; from the bending strength and load capacity, Under the same working conditions, the transmission torque of the drum-shaped tooth Coupler Pressing Machine can be increased by 15 to 20%.

Tooth length of the drum, so that the teeth on the contact situation is better, so the drum-type Coupler Pressing Machine has a large transmission capacity, angular displacement, smooth transmission, high efficiency, long life and other advantages. So gradually replace the straight teeth Coupler Pressing Machine, and widely used in metallurgical machinery, heavy, mining machinery, lifting, transport machinery and other transmission.

Large torque drum-type gear bearing bearing impact performance is good, but the tooth surface contact stress and tooth root bending fatigue strength requirements, if we take a special structure, special materials, special technology, then the Coupler Pressing Machine will be able to meet the large diameter The requirements of the rolling mill.

Diaphragm Coupler Pressing Machine for high temperature, high speed, corrosive media conditions of the environment of the shaft drive, such as pumps (especially high-power, chemical pump), fans, compressors, hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery , High-speed power transmission system, steam turbine, piston-type power transmission system, crawler-type vehicles, and generating units high-speed, high-power mechanical transmission system, the economic balance of the system, the chemical machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, aviation (helicopter) After the application of high-speed transmission shaft has been more common.

Diaphragm Coupler Pressing Machine and tooth Coupler Pressing Machine compared to no relative sliding, no lubrication, sealing, no noise, the basic maintenance, easy to manufacture, can be part of the alternative gear Coupler Pressing Machine. Diaphragm Coupler Pressing Machine in the international industrial application has been very common in China has developed a mechanical industry standards, has been revised for the new industry standard: JB / T 9147-1999 (instead of ZB / T J19022-90) Coupler Pressing Machine The relationship between the torque.

A wide range of Coupler Pressing Machines, according to the relative position and position of the two axes connected, can be divided into:

Fixed Coupler Pressing Machine Mainly for the two shafts require strict alignment and in the work does not occur relative displacement of the place, the structure is generally simple, easy to manufacture, and the two shaft instantaneous speed of the same, mainly flange Coupler Pressing Machine, sleeve Coupler Pressing Machine, clip Shell Coupler Pressing Machine and so on.

Movable Coupler Pressing Machine. Mainly for the two axes are skewed or in the work of the relative displacement of the place, according to the method of compensation displacement can be divided into rigid fixed Coupler Pressing Machine and flexible shift Coupler Pressing Machine. Rigid Movable Coupler Pressing Machines The use of Coupler Pressing Machine work components between the dynamic connection with a direction or direction of movement to compensate.

If the tooth Coupler Pressing Machine (allowing axial displacement)