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Coupler With A Brief Introduction

Nov 19, 2016

In microwave system in the required microwave power proportionally divided road all the way, this is the power allocation. Achieving this component called a powerdistribution components namely, couplers, includes: branch of directional couplers, power splitters and microwave devices.

Optocoupler is light-mediated transmission signal of an electro-optical conversiondevice. It consists of a light source and the light is composed of two parts. Assembled in the same light source and the light closed shell, each separated by a transparent dielectric isolation. Hair pins as inputs of the light source, light PIN as an output port, a common light source for light-emitting diodes, optical photodiodes, phototransistor, and more. Many kinds of photo-Coupler, common type photodiode, photo transistor, photo resistor, light-controlled thyristor type, photoelectric Darlington, integrated circuits and so on. As shown in Figure 1 (form round metal shell packaging, such as plastic dual in-line)