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History Of The Threading Machines

Nov 19, 2016

Threaded application of the principle dates back to 220 BC Greece created by Archimedes spiral water lift. Around 1500, Italy Leonardo da Vinci drawing in a draft thread processing equipment, has been using screws and Exchange different pitchscrew gear ideas. In 1760, United Kingdom F. Wyatt brothers won patent of cuttingwood screws with special devices. In 1778, the United States J. Lumsden made withthreads of the worm gear-cutting machine tool. In 1797, the United Kingdom H. Maudslay made using screw and Exchange different threaded screw lathe gears turning. In the 1820 of the 19th century, Maudslay made processing thread tap and die. 20th century, the various Threading machines have come out.