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On Safety Technique Of Threading Machines

Nov 19, 2016

1, Equipment must be dedicated and certified.

2, Taper threaded pipe threader to follow safety rules.

3, Must be familiar with the understanding of taper thread Threading machine structure, principle and function.Energies to concentrated 

4, Job, frolicking is strictly prohibited.

5, Using a threading machine, to make equipment checks, appliance check, identifyproblems, find hidden, put an end to insecurity and prevent accidents.When sugar 

6, Must ensure that the bar is clamped firmly to prevent steel hurts.

7, When well cooled and made security, prevent iron splashed out hurt.

8, Mechanical in operation, clean the blade above the accumulating Wood scraps,mixed waste is strictly prohibited, found poor conditions should immediately stopchecking, repair.

9, Is strictly prohibited to exceed the performance operation, in case of accidents.

10, Strictly enforce the "cross method guidelines" to ensure that machinery is in good working condition.

11, Is strictly prohibited without stopping in the mechanical operation of the equipment repair and maintenance jobs.

12, After work, to power down and lock the lock box.