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Rebar Couplers Fix A Solid Method

Jun 02, 2017

1, Rebar Couplers processing of the cone taper thread thread taper, tooth, pitch, etc. must be connected with the sleeve of the taper, tooth shape, pitch consistent with the matching gauges qualified.

2, steel should be straightened before the next cut. The cut face should be perpendicular to the axis of the reinforcement and shall not have horseshoe or deflection. Do not use gas cutting.

3, processing reinforced cone thread, should be used to cut lubricating liquid solution.

4, the use of embedded joints, the connection sleeve location, size and quantity should meet the design requirements. The bars with the connecting sleeve shall be fastened and the exposed end of the connecting sleeve shall be sealed.

5, must be precision ± 5% torque wrench to tighten the joints, and requires a half-year torque tester with torque wrench once.

6, when connecting steel, steel specifications and connection sets of specifications should be consistent, to ensure that the steel and connecting sleeve of the thread clean and intact. Straighten the rebar into the connecting sleeve and tighten it with a torque wrench.

What are the precautions for the use of the steel connection sleeves?

There are two ways to eliminate the gap between the steel coupling sleeve thread:

1, through the steel wire head in the connection sleeve on the top, so that the steel wire head in the role of the top force, the thread between the thread and the connection sleeve thread close fit to eliminate the thread gap.

2, by the end of the wire and the end of the connection sleeve to tighten the end, to eliminate the thread gap, this method wire in the middle of the connection sleeve can not be the top,Rebar Couplers the same can achieve the effect of eliminating the gap gap.

But it should be noted: the difference between the end face and the large diameter self-locking at the screw thread. According to the above analysis, whether the flat end of the steel is straight is the first important process of the quality control of the straight thread of the rolled wire. It is also an important part that most of the units are easy to be neglected. In addition to steel bars should pay attention to the cutting method, but also should pay attention to steel wire to be processed thread should be straightened when bending,Rebar Couplers bending will lead to steel wire thread thread appears incomplete thread tolerance, not only affects the steel wire The appearance of the head quality, serious time will also carry capacity of the joint will have a certain impact.