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Rebar Couplers Is Separable

Oct 26, 2017

The Rebar Couplers is used to transfer power and signals between the cabinet and the robot. With the appropriate connection technology can be inserted in the robot head connection interface, these interfaces through the communication controller to connect the robot to the factory internal network.

The role of the Rebar Couplers is even more important when the space on the production line is becoming more compact and the robot is getting smaller and smaller, especially when the robot is working in a high temperature environment and in the harsh environment. Depending on the requirements, the Rebar Couplers is mainly used for industrial robots in the following situations:

In the development of new applications, such as in the assembly line, robot manufacturers face two major challenges:

Robots need more and more sensing sensors, and for more complex assembly operations, they must become smaller and more flexible. Industrial Rebar Couplerss can support the development of such robotic systems by miniaturizing and ensuring shielded data transmission.

A Rebar Couplers is a detachable element (other than an adapter) that is normally mounted on a cable or device for electrical connection to the transmission line system. Domestic also known as Rebar Couplerss, plugs and sockets. Generally refers to the electrical Rebar Couplers. That is, devices that connect two active devices, transmit current or signal. The Rebar Couplers is a motor system that provides a detachable interface for connecting two secondary electronic systems and does not produce an unacceptable effect on the operation of the system. The keywords in the definition are "motor system", "separable" and "unacceptable". The Rebar Couplers is a motor system because it is electrically connected by mechanical means. As will be discussed, the mechanical spring bias will produce a force between the two parts of the fit, which makes the interface with the metal surface contact.

The reason for applying the Rebar Couplers in the primary place is that the mating interface is separable. There are many reasons for the need for separability. It can make part or sub-system independently and the final assembly can be carried out in a major place. Detachability can also make maintenance or upgrades of parts or subsystems without modifying the overall system. Another reason why separability is applied is portability and support for extension of peripherals. On the other hand, the separability in the definition introduces an interface between additional subsystems that can not introduce any "unacceptable effects", especially in terms of the characteristics of the system, which are not affected by telecommunications, Unacceptable distortion and signal degradation between systems, or loss of power through the Rebar Couplers, loss of power in millivolt loss, will become the primary design criteria for functionality, so the power demand for the motherboard will also increase.

The smaller the Rebar Couplers becomes, the more important it becomes.

The reason is simple: the product is getting smaller. Now smart phones, tablet PCs, blood glucose detectors and other electronic equipment on the size of the increasingly stringent requirements, the internal more and more close, so leave the Rebar Couplers space is not much. This trend also appears in the field of defense and aerospace, such as in satellites, guided missiles and avionics systems, where compactness requires only "miniature" Rebar Couplerss to be met.

The demand for smaller Rebar Couplerss is on the rise and design engineers face a new set of challenges. They can no longer put the Rebar Couplers design into the final stage of the project to complete. Miniature Rebar Couplerss require foresight. It requires designers to anticipate a variety of factors such as packaging, durability, current load capacity, and replaceability.