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Rebar Couplers Security

May 18, 2017

Rebar Couplers Construction works to reinforced concrete structure, accounting for more than 80% of the total construction ratio. In the 1970s, the government has also promoted the industrialization of housing construction, extensive use of prefabricated construction in the residential, but the early technology is not yet mature, resulting in poor construction quality, rapid decline in market demand; in recent years, pre-cast construction technology has been significantly sophisticated, Construction prefabricated technology is also gradually promoted.

Use high performance concrete and high strength steel

Sleeve type steel bar connector and ultra high early strength without shrinkage cement mortar

Development of Reinforcement Automation Technology

Prefabricated construction hoisting and safety protection

Self - made prefabricated lattice board technology

Prefabricated isolation method development

Prefabricated node design 3D simulation application

Development of prefabricated exterior facade effect technology

2.1 use of high-performance concrete and high-strength steel

2.1.1 concrete materials: general construction of the reinforced concrete structure using concrete strength grade about C25 ~ C35; prefabricated concrete process commonly used C40 ~ C60, part of the prefabricated high-rise building or special structure is used C80 ~ C100 strength grade concrete. In addition, the prefabricated components of the node, often reinforced staggered, self-filled concrete (SCC, also known as vibration-free concrete) development and application, effectively solve the site prefabricated joints is not easy to fill the full problem.

2.1.2 Reinforcement materials: General construction of the steel strength grade SD280 and SD420; the use of prefabricated concrete technology will increase the steel grade to SD490.

2.1.3 The combination of high-performance concrete and high-strength steel and other materials can be applied to the actual project, must be experimentally verified.Experimental results: Prefabricated test specimen and traditional engineering specimen comparison no significant difference.

2.2 Rebar Couplers and high early strength without shrinkage cement mortar

Prefabricated components Vertical reinforcement continues to be the key technology of prefabricated concrete technology. Early use of this technology is dependent on the import of Japanese materials; in view of the importance of this technology and the use of materials with the appropriate,Rebar Couplers independent development sets Cylinder-type steel connector and ultra-high early strength without shrinkage of cement mortar, reinforced joints have been completely through the specification requirements of repeated load test, since June 2005 from the full use of self-developed products so far, has been used in 24 prefabricated prefabricated Project, reinforced sleeve grouting connection joints used to reach about 140,000.

.3 Reinforcement automation technology development

In the construction work, the reinforcement processing banding need to rely on steel technology type, if some degree of steel cage processing using automation technology, and the use of machine production semi-finished products, then you can not rely on steel technology workers,Rebar Couplers so in quality and management Are also easier to control. Automatic reinforcement cage technology applications are: