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Rebar Couplers The Actual Use Of The Environment

Jun 15, 2017

The contact pressure in the Rebar Couplers is an important indicator that directly affects the size of the contact resistance and the amount of wear on the contact pair. In most structures, it is quite difficult to measure the contact pressure directly. Therefore, the contact pressure is often measured indirectly by the single foot separation force. For round pinhole contact pairs, it is usually the standard pin with a specified weight to check the ability of the female contact to hold the weight. Generally, the diameter of the standard pin is the lower limit of the diameter of the male contact. The total separation force is generally one-foot separation force on the line and twice. When the total separation force exceeds 50N, it is quite difficult to manually insert and remove. Of course, for some test equipment or some special requirements of the occasion, you can use the zero plug force Rebar Couplers, automatically fall off the Rebar Couplers and so on.

Environmental parameters 

Environmental parameters are mainly ambient temperature, humidity, temperature change, atmospheric pressure and corrosion environment. The environment in the use and storage of the Rebar Couplers during the transport process has a significant impact on its performance, so the corresponding Rebar Couplers must be selected according to the actual environmental conditions.

Ambient temperature

The metal material and insulation of the Rebar Couplers determine the working ambient temperature of the Rebar Couplers. High temperature will destroy the edge of the material, causing insulation resistance and pressure resistance decreased; for the metal high temperature can make contact with the loss of elasticity, accelerated oxidation and the occurrence of coating deterioration. The normal ambient temperature of -55 ~ 100 ℃ special circumstances may require higher.


Relative humidity greater than 80%, is caused by electric breakdown of the reasons. Humid environment caused by the absorption and diffusion of water vapor on the surface of the insulator, easy to reduce the insulation resistance to MΩ level, long-term high humidity environment, will cause physical deformation, decomposition, escape products, produce respiratory effects and electrolysis, corrosion And crack. Especially in the external Rebar Couplers of the device, often to consider the wet, water infiltration and pollution of environmental conditions, in which case should use sealed Rebar Couplers. For the watertight, dust-tight Rebar Couplers GB4208 generally use the enclosure protection level to represent.

Temperature change

The humidity abrupt change test simulates the actual use of the Rebar Couplers device in a warm environment into a warm environment, or simulates a dramatic change in the ambient temperature of the spacecraft and detector. The temperature change may cause the insulating material to crack or develop the layer.

Atmospheric pressure 

In the air at high altitude, plastic emissions of gas pollution contact, and to increase the trend of corona, pressure resistance decreased, the circuit short circuit failure. At high altitude to achieve a certain value, the plastic performance deteriorated. Therefore, when using non-sealed Rebar Couplers at high altitude, it must be used in derating. 

Corrosive environment

According to the different use of the Rebar Couplers corrosion environment, the choice of the corresponding metal, plastic, coating structure of the Rebar Couplers, such as salt spray environment in the use of the Rebar Couplers, if there is no corrosion of the metal surface, will quickly deteriorate performance. In a SO2 environment with a considerable concentration, it is not advisable to use silver-plated contacts. In hot flashes, mold is also an important issue