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Rebar Threading Machine Regular Inspection And Timely Maintenance

Oct 12, 2017

How should the Rebar Threading Machine be maintained and oiled? Sewing machine does not work? What places can be added where can not increase?

Simply said, need to rely on friction brake components, such as bite line beads folder and brakes the turntable, are prohibited from the oil, these are "touch the oil that is destroyed" place, be careful to maintain dry and clean, only Some frequent rolling / sliding place, such as beads inside the beads with the teeth, etc., is the need for regular lubrication maintenance, in addition to the formation of oil film can be isolated from the air, to prevent rust, the lubrication after the damping smaller, feel more smooth, pounds The number will be more accurate. Another point, lubrication may not necessarily be oil, you can also use graphite powder, like we can not open the lock, will be cut in the pencil above the pencil is not poured into the same keyhole, in fact, that is the use of graphite lubrication, Can also be treated like this, the advantage is that this solid lubricant is not easy to do oil everywhere, affecting threading, the disadvantage is that the surface adhesion is relatively weak, relatively smooth lubrication, the duration is not long enough. While the sewing machine oil and bicycle oil and other traditional oil although easy to purchase, but relative to the Rebar Threading Machine this machine is a bit too "light", and is not easy to form a solid oil film, while the impurities a little bit big, I heard that the United States With guns for oil to maintain the Rebar Threading Machine, it touches a bit to kill the chicken with a chopper, but do it is also a good thing. Oil, then recommend WD-40 spray-type lubricant, no impurities, but also to achieve the melting of impurities clean interface, and the formation of oil film protection and other functions, followed by a needle to absorb the trace of WD40 re-injection to the beads inside, for Instead of pencil gray, but also found very easy to use, but must control the amount of good, or get into the line, and then dip to the face up, then, is still in front of that advice: "hit the oil that is destroyed."

Behind the master with the wood to meet the communication, he felt sewing machine oil is a good thing, but to slightly better, do not let those who sell out to sell the domestic three or four line of the kind of market, because the sewing needle these parts are high-speed round-trip, So the performance requirements of lubrication is also very high, with this oil to lubricate the Rebar Threading Machine certainly no problem. The location of some other bearings, as well as fixed seat track below the track, there are outside the closure was better, not easy to meet the ball ball beads beads and beads, suitable for butter, than the graphite powder and wd40 are good, Another wd40 the most important role is to rust clean, on the basis of this to achieve the lubrication, you get a little wd40 rub in the hand, rub a few times on the astringent feeling, this need for a long time to use, no Rust affected parts, it is not suitable. For some stainless steel parts, there is no rust problem, so you can not consider wd40, in this case with anhydrous alcohol is the best choice, medical alcohol is generally about 75%, which contains a lot of water, Maintenance is not good.