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Rebar Threading Machine Work Is More Simple, Can Save Costs

Oct 26, 2017

Circuit laying seemingly simple, in fact, the process is very complex, especially for Rebar Threading Machine techniques, it is very troublesome, different threading environment has its own specific wires, such as single-phase electric laying, green line Is used as the N line, the red is generally used as a line of fire, the blue line is laid as a ground, electric threading skills mainly lies in the three lines are to wear at the same time, if you wear bad or encounter the case of congestion To rework, which for the electric threading skills demanding, for the workers themselves physical and endurance is also required. In order to solve this problem, many workers are using the laying of the circuit dedicated to the wall lead machine, the device is not only suitable for a variety of environmental threading, and convenient and quick, to avoid the traditional threading a lot of cumbersome work, such as want to pass Roof threading, the use of wall through the lead wire machine can be achieved on the ground, do not have to let workers up and down the ladder to protect the safety of workers, but also to ensure the quality and efficiency of threading.

The Rebar Threading Machine is a kind of tool type machine which is very common in electrical engineering in recent years because the electric threading device can facilitate the work of the electrician, and its machinery itself is more obvious than the traditional technology. Advantage, so the electric threading machine can work in the cable electrical industry, is widely used. Its main advantage is that it can make the threading connection work more simple, can save costs, and high efficiency, but also to ensure safety.

In the choice of electric threader, we must pay great attention to the qualifications of manufacturers. And in the choice before the need for electric threader have a certain understanding, the best by the technical staff personally involved in the choice of machinery to go. To choose to carry the machine, because the electrician in the work of the time, to be with the mechanical side, the machine is too bulky, it will seriously affect the efficiency of the work.

For the decoration industry, the work of the wall lead is very difficult, because they not only to ensure that the integrity of the wall can not hurt the wire but also intact and quickly penetrated into the development of the location and depth, in the manual work The time will worry about this worry that is very troublesome. Our company recently in this issue to do a lot of research and experiment finally in a period of time after the development of an electric wire cutter this device, our electric machine threading machine at work when there is a very fast threading speed, In the protection of the wall also has a very large protective effect, will not hurt any wall wall. Our Rebar Threading Machine machine structure is simple, in operation is also very good operation, almost a look will be.