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Rebar Upsetting Machine Replacing The Traditional Welding Banding Process

Aug 04, 2017

Rebar Upsetting Machine China's recent years in the mechanical connection technology research has made rapid development, from the last century 90's, have developed a sleeve cold extrusion, taper thread, upsetting straight thread, squeeze ribs rolling straight thread, stripping ribs Rolling straight thread connection technology. The new steel mechanical connection technology has slowly replaced the traditional welding banding process,Rebar Upsetting Machine in the highway bridges, dams and large buildings have been widely used.

First, the steel sleeve extrusion connection

Sleeve crimping connection is to put a first end of the steel bar to insert a high-quality steel sleeve, and then use the extruder in the lateral pressure of the track, after the plastic deformation of the sleeve with the ribbed steel bar to close The purpose of the connection. The advantages of the sleeve extrusion connection are high strength, stable and reliable, no fire, no climate impact; strong adaptability,Rebar Upsetting Machine can be used for vertical, horizontal, tilt, high altitude, underwater and other aspects of the steel connection, also Especially for non-welded steel, into the mortar connection. The shortcomings of the equipment is heavy, the labor force is large, the connection speed is not as good as the thread connection, the sleeve is bigger, the cost is higher than the thread connection.

Second, the reinforced cone thread connection

Taper thread connection technology is the use of taper thread threading machine will be the first end of the steel into a taper thread, and then with a taper thread sleeve and docking bar to be connected together. Reinforcement and sleeve connection must be applied to a certain tightening torque to ensure the quality of the connection. Taper thread connection site operation process is simple, fast, wide range, not affected by the climate, by the construction unit welcome. But the taper thread joints are damaged at the joint,Rebar Upsetting Machine if the field processing of the taper thread quality is poor, missed or tightening torque are not allowed, loose thread and so on the joint strength and deformation have a great impact. Therefore, we must pay attention to the field test of the taper thread joint, strictly enforce the industry standard must be randomly selected from the engineering structure of the test specimen on-site inspection requirements, must not use the form of proof of the test material or sample samples as the determination of joint strength level in accordance with.

Third, the steel rolling straight thread connection

Steel bar rolling straight thread connection with steel rolling straight thread connection and steel stripping rib rolling straight thread connection two. Steel bar rolling straight thread connection is the use of rolling machine will be directly rolled at both ends of the rebar out of the thread, and then straight thread sleeve to make steel together with a advanced mechanical connection technology) and steel ribs rolling straight thread connection is The first bar to pull the ribs directly after the straight rolling into a straight thread, and then straighten the sleeve to make steel together with an advanced mechanical connection technology. This technology has the advantages of simple operation,Rebar Upsetting Machine less processing time, long working life of the rolling wheel, stable and reliable joint, convenient construction, good thread type, high precision, no false thread, reliable and stable connection quality.

Fourth, the steel upsetting straight thread connection

Steel upsetting straight thread connection is also developed in recent years, a new type of steel connection technology, referred to as CABR steel upsetting straight thread connection. It first thicken the end of the pile, and then cut straight thread, and finally with the connecting sleeve docking reinforcement. This technology has the advantages of simple operation, fast connection speed and many types of joints. It is suitable for reinforcement connection of steel cage, bending steel bar and so on. The production efficiency is high, the field can be upsetting,Rebar Upsetting Machine cutting a silk less than 1min; Strong, on-site power outages, wind, snow, high and underwater environment can be applied. And the net cross section of the bar is still larger than the original section of the steel bar, and the straight thread does not weaken the section of the steel bar,Rebar Upsetting Machine thus ensuring the strength of the joint is greater than that of the base metal. As the straight thread does not have the effect of tightening torque on the performance of the joint, thus improving the reliability of the connection.