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The General Advantages Of Reinforcing Bar Rolling Machine

Nov 19, 2016

Connection technology of reinforced rolling straight thread, suitable for industrialand civil buildings, full of strength and ductility of steel structure played an important part, oblique, horizontal reinforcement the connection construction. Process issimple and quick, and can be, no hot work, do not pollute the environment, no explosion fire dangers, safe and reliable, all-weather construction, saving a lot of steeland energy. Dowels only using a wrench, about a minute each splices. Shorten theconstruction period, to achieve industrial and civil construction.

Reinforcing bar rolling machine design, advanced technology, lightweight and flexible. Simple operation and a high degree of automation, the rib-stripped rolling straight thread forming. Thread-good quality, high precision, straight thread length of the same specification, connecting the steel head without the full thread exposed.