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Upsetting Machine Introduced

Nov 19, 2016

Connection technology of the upsetting straight thread, is upsetting machine withdedicated front end part to be machined thread segment upsetting, upsetting parts machining diameter increased to greater than the base diameter. And then use special Threading machine Threading the upsetting part of its processing, and processed with the sleeve of the same specification steel head two sets of silk thread connections with a wrench to complete the so-called bar docking. Uniform strength straight thread connection technology with upset with stable performance, connection labor-saving shortcut, test pass rate high, but also not turn bars ' connection problem can be completely solved.

Using the principle of cold heading steel tip plastic deformation diameter of 4~6mm and then processing thread. Processing actual cross-sectional area is greater than the original steel cross section area, greatly improving the tensile strength of the joint. This thread after upsetting the tensile test all fault in the base material, suitable for demanding engineering